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Tortoise and Turtle Calendar Desk Top A5

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Tortoise and Turtle Calendar Desk Top A5

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The desk-top calendar is entirely filled with pictures taken by BCG members with a keen photographer’s eye. The front picture of the Spur-thighed and Hermann’s Tortoises is by Ute O’Meara, as are the entries of the Box Turtles in January, September and December. The Spur-thighed Tortoise in November and the Hermann’s juveniles in October. Peter Fenwick provided the Sulcata Tortoises in the February entry and the Horsfield Tortoises in the August entry. Paul Birch supplied the photo of his clutch of Marginated Tortoise hatchlings having a bath in the April entry. Tilda DeViyl produced the May entry of the Spur-thighed Tortoise, eating clover on the lawn.
The June entry has a close up of a hatchling at the Tortoise Village, SOPTOM. And the July entry is of a Loggerhead hatchling photographed by ALan Rees (ARCHELON)

£1 per calendar will be donated to the British Chelonia Group for each calendar sold.

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wire bound with hook for easy hanging. All UK bank holidays included

lovely calendar and of course our full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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